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Though the actual blog is now out of date, the sentiments aren’t. How about starting to think kindly of others (and yourself) and paying a fine for charity when you slip up?

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How Speaking Only Kind Words Changed My Life

by Alison Cebulla

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May 2012 I was at a party at a friend’s house and I set my purse down in the living room thinking it was a safe space. Later in the evening I discovered that someone at the party had gone through my purse and stolen $200 cash, my iPhone, and my digital camera. Rather than ask “why did this happen to me?” which is question to which there is no fulfilling answer, I thought “how can I use this experience to transform myself in some way so that I don’t feel terrible about it?”

I thought about the fact that my possessions were stolen at a party amongst trusted friends and what that symbolized for me. Was I always so good to my friends? I realized that more often than not I put down friends behind their backs with…

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It’s always nice to know you’re not alone in thinking there must be a better way forward for the world. This piece by Belsbror echoes some of the thoughts I shout about time and again.


Never content on hating each other, they have to sacrifice thousand others as victims of their personally-motivated death wishes.

How could extremists talk about peace? People who loves violence do not entertain ceasefires: they abhor the idea.

The majority on both sides of the conflict as well as people around the world, wishes for the immediate stop to the senseless killings. They have been appalled for so long that the continuation of the carnage is imprinting hatred on their minds.

If we, the people, trust our extremist leaders to think for our sake, then we might as well wait for the violence to come to our doorstep. They have already firmed their decisions to erase any vestiges of the supposed enemies, placing us all in the middle of misery, constant fear and oblivion. Most of them has back up plans for a safe flight while we on the other hand…

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“Sentenced To Life”

I charge you Hug your friends and where it won’t offend a stranger too. Light up someone’s face and their life. But here is a message we should all heed from a Wonderful Woman.

Silent Dugood

I charge you with patience
I charge you with forgiveness
I charge you with compassion
I charge you with desire
I charge you with endurance
I charge you with understanding
I sentence you to life~
Forever with me
The charge; Love.

Silent Dugood

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Humanitarian Ceasefire.

I had to delight this morning at the following news on The Huffington Post.

Hamas and Israel have agreed to an unconditional humanitarian cease-fire that is to last 72 hours, beginning on Friday, according to the United Nations (UN) and Washington.

Reported by AP, the US and UN released a joint statement on Thursday evening in which they detailed the three-day truce, which the brokers hope will allow for negotiations leading to a more permanent cease-fire.

The statement read: “This humanitarian cease-fire will commence at 8 a.m. local time on Friday, Aug. 1, 2014. It will last for a period of 72 hours unless extended. During this time the forces on the ground will remain in place. We urge all parties to act with restraint until this humanitarian cease-fire begins, and to fully abide by their commitments during the cease-fire.”

The purpose of the cease-fire is to allow critical repair to damaged infrastructure in Gaza, as well as provide humanitarian relief to the citizens, as well as provide time for Palestinians to bury their dead. Delegations from the warring states are to travel to Cairo on Friday for the start of negotiations to be overseen by the Egyptian government.

The statement in full:

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and United States Secretary of State John Kerry announce that the United Nations Representative in Jerusalem, Special Coordinator Robert Serry, has received assurances that all parties have agreed to an unconditional humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

This humanitarian ceasefire will commence at 8 am local time on Friday, August 1, 2014. It will last for a period of 72 hours unless extended. During this time the forces on the ground will remain in place.

We urge all parties to act with restraint until this humanitarian ceasefire begins, and to fully abide by their commitments during the ceasefire.

This ceasefire is critical to giving innocent civilians a much-needed reprieve from violence. During this period, civilians in Gaza will receive urgently needed humanitarian relief, and the opportunity to carry out vital functions, including burying the dead, taking care of the injured and restocking food supplies. Overdue repairs on essential water and energy infrastructure could also continue during this period.

Israeli and Palestinian delegations will immediately be going to Cairo for negotiations with the Government of Egypt, at the invitation of Egypt, aimed at reaching a durable ceasefire. The parties will be able to raise all issues of concern in these negotiations.

We thank key regional stakeholders for their vital support of this process, and count on a continued collaborative international effort to assist Egypt and the parties reach a durable ceasefire as soon as possible.

Earlier on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called up 16,000 more reservists, promising to continue the offensive to destroy the cross-border, Hamas-built tunnels regardless of any future cease-fire. “We have neutralised dozens of terror tunnels and we are committed to complete this mission, with or without a cease-fire,” he said, adding, “I will not agree to any offer that does not allow the military to complete this important mission for the security of the people of Israel.”

According to Palestinian officials, the death toll has now topped 1,360 since fighting began on the 8 July, many of the fatalities civilians. 58 Israelis have also been killed.

Here’s hoping they find that the ceasefire is worthwhile and extend it PERMANENTLY! Lets try not to lose anymore lives please. Peace is possible. It’s lying there on the ground covered in innocent blood, but first you have to want to pick it up.

Women for Peace.

I’ve often thought that there would be less wars with women in charge. How many women would be prepared to send their sons off to slaughter with words of ‘Duty’ ringing in their ears.                                                                                                                                             Here in this piece it shows that women can create a massive effect towards peace when they rise up. Women had a huge effect on the peace process in Ireland and showed the two sides could work together. Here we see it again.

From Causes.

Have you seen #GazaNames?

Prominent Jews and Palestinians and others stand for Palestine in this heartbreaking video with Jonathan Demme, Gloria Steinem, Tony Kushner, Diana Buttu, Chuck D, Eve Ensler, Brian Eno, Roger Waters, Mira Nair, Wallace Shawn, Naomi Klein, Mira Nair, Raj Patel, Noura Erakat and many others. To learn more or take action, visit Project of with assistance from (Institute of Middle East Understanding)



There is still Kindness.

Three young students show extraordinary kindness to a homeless man. What was your good deed today?


Arab / Israeli Conflict

I’ve been distressed recently over an ongoing discussion with a Jewish friend over the Arab/Israeli conflict . Respect, Tolerance and Love are needed in the world between peoples of all colours and creeds.I suggested that because the Israeli defence is so good it could afford to concentrate on defence rather than retaliation for a while which would mean many innocent lives saved on the Palestinian side. My friend took that to mean that I was happy for the Palestinians to carry on killing Jews while the Jews didn’t fight back. It isn’t what I mean at all. Fewer Jews by far are killed by the Palestinians because of the defence umbrella they maintain. The more children killed in Palestine the more parents there are to hate Israel and join the extremist Hamas organisation.

Hamas fire their rockets from places like schools and hospitals, trying to hide behind civilians, most of whom are ordinary people, Arabs who do not hate Israel but want a home free of fear and rubble. When Israel fire back trying to hit the Hamas operatives ( who are most probably long gone) they destroy the lives of children who are in the schools, they destroy the lives of the parents who lose children and Palestine loses the chance of an educated child who may be more prepared to help rid the area of the extremists and bring about a lasting peace.

Recently there has been a growing movement inside Israel to bring this conflict to an end. People say “Ah yes, but they’re known left-wingers” which means nothing to me. Does it mean there are no supporters of peace from the right wing side? Personally I find it insulting that people who want peace should be labelled at all and I find it encouraging that this movement appears to be growing in strength. There has to be a way to achieve this peace and I’ve seen photographs this week of Arabs and Jews hugging which leads me to think all is not lost.

It’s all too easy to see Arabs as the ‘Devil’ in all this but we forget that most Arabs are just normal people who want to get on with their daily tasks in peace and don’t feel the hate whipped up by some of the Imams. There are extremists and it’s those we hear about. There are also extremists in the Israeli side as there are in Christian Churches in the West. They are not in the majority, they’re just the most vocal.

So far with our interference we’ve allowed a Government into the Ukraine with large numbers of Right Wing thugs who have targeted Jews. That’s because The original Government was not leaning towards joining the EU. We have created a nightmare situation where the recent shooting down of a plane full of passengers may be the fault of the West. Perhaps if we’d hugged a bit more the Ukraine Government would have changed it’s mind about the EU and the plane would have been safe.

It’s time to stop trying to force other Countries into doing things our way for the sake of their  oil but trying to help them , befriend them, charm them and let their own people decide who rules them. Things we see as unpalatable to us will stop when Countries decide to become more civilised or when the people who live there decide enough is enough. It’s their decision. We must just be there with Hugs and friendship and help when asked for.