I woke at an unearthly hour again this morning. Damndawnchorus o’clock. My watch read 4.15 am. The news on mny computer tells me that Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida has declated for President at last. How can this man who spends his time banning books, deciding how women should be allowed to treat their own bodies, and worse still, enforcing a rule that no white person should be allowed to face the realities of the history of their own country. He wants to rewrite history so that no white person can be offended or shocked by what has gone before. Please someone explain to me , how can this man who is not even suitable to be a Governor declare an interest in the Presidency of the United States and have the backing of so many people, not least Elon Musk who has put the power of Twitter behind him (when it works properly)?

I shan’t even go into the Religious backing this man has, but it’s enough to say that Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender has the same backing. Do the people of ther united States really want to go down the path of Authoritarianism?What happens to your vaunted Freedom of Speech when that happens? Ask in North Korea , Hungary or Turkiye.They don’t have it in Russia either. Peopole who say oir write tthe wrong things there disappear all too easily.l

What’s wrong with having a Democracy? The Government should care for all the people, not just the rich. They should be prepared to pay tax the same as anyone else . Why noit a Health Service like your President Obama wanted. Something that cares for all from the cradle to the grave? Squeeze out the Insurance companies who’s only interest is profit and who currently can decide how much can be spent on your treatment dependant on how much you spend with them. Surely you can accept that if you need certain drugs to ensure your recovery, you should have them regardless of cost. Doctors know what you need, Insurance companies don’t.

And now my pet peeve, Guns. I swore I would not broach this subject again, but I still need answers.When the Government suggest some regulation and the people want it, why is it noit in place? Are the bribes just too great? That smacks of corruption to me and to many in the Western world ( and I don’t mean the Wild West). No-one other than an army could possibly need an AR15. You can’t hunt with them or target shoot with them. What you can do but should not do is shoot innocent schoolchildren or shoppers. Remove them from civilian hands. Unlike me, your Government is not suggesting alll guns should be taken away. They’re just trying to protect you by ensuring they don’t end up in unsuitable hands,

Lastly (you’ll be glad to hear) is a qustion about gerrymandering.lWhy is it necesssary to allow individual states to set their own district boundaries to suit themselves.Surely it should be the job of Government to safeguard the rights of the population and ensure the right to vote is upheld in a fair way?Current moves ro remove the rights of black and brown Americans by using Gerrymandering is wrong. Either all Americans should be able to vote or going down the authoritarian route, none should.Donald Trump has already had a stint as Wannabe Dictator, do you really want to give him the chance to improve on it a second time?

I’ll be grateful for any sensible answers to put my questions to rest.But, don’t let it interfere with your weekend. I hope you have b lots of good weather and please, make sure you keep the hugs going round.