Here we go again, it seems like about a month since the last one. But the shops are full of Christmas items and people are bustling around with determination on their faces.. We all want Christmas to be special for our families and our friends. Good, that’s how it’s meant to be.

But, let’s extend the range of our friends to encompass all those currently at war, who aren’t at war against us. All those who have lost their homes and their possessions and some, almost their lives. For a moment though let’s start closer to home. Almost every Supermarket these days has a basket for donations to food banks. These are not handouts to the bone idle but possibly the only food source for the homeless or those who have no work through no fault of their own, Being homeless is not a choice most people make, especially when they have a family to care for. For the cost of perhaps four cans of beer you could provide a family with a nice Christmas meal and you don’t really need the beer do you.

You could also check your children’s old toys and see if there’s a hospital, a Hospice or a local children’s home that could use any of the less played with ones. Maybe you even have the skills to repaint and refresh what you find. Maybe your children would be happy to help.

Maybe you’re in a position to offer a bed to someone for a few days over Christmas and let them feel some Christmas cheer and restore their faith in humanity. You might benefit from it yourself.

Back to the world at large. Yemen, The Congo and Haiti are suffering badly from the effect of war and Natural disasters. A donation to Medicins sans Frontiers could make the difference between life an death for some people., and believe me a blood bag doesn’t cost much. You can buy two for just four pounds.

Please, just to shut me up. try giving some thought to how you can make this time of year a little more special for someone else who really needs the help.

I helped fill the food bank basket this morning and sent my donation to MSF yet even now my conscience is not clear, there’s more I can and will do. Can you say the same? Put yourself in the place of someone in need and what would you hope for? A chance to get out of Ukraine, a chance to make your family safe and happy with the chance of a good meal?

Good to someone else.

Hugs to you all.