I’ve been reading about the disclosures made by the House Select Committee investigating Jan 6th and I confess that it’s blown my mind, In the past I’ve made mention that Trump is a con-man though on large scale with his Trump University Scam and his Trump Charity Scam. I can maybe see how a man with the Gift of the Gab could get away with things for so long but now, not to such a degree.

Donald Trump asked for donations to fund his ‘Official Election Defence Fund’ to pay legal fees to challenge and overturn the ‘stolen’ 2020 Election results. He received 250 million in donations for a fund that didn’t exist then….or since which means he committed Wire fraud. Of that money, 13 million went to pay court expenses. The rest went to organisations run by Trump staffers, The Trump Hotel Collections or to the fiancee of Donald Trump Jr. plus others.

This was wholesale fraud meant to gain as much money as possible with no regard for the Truth. Who says you can’t fool all of the people all of the time?Now that it’s been exposed, there must be some of the donors who are angry enough to complain to the law about being defrauded so that Merrick Garland has no choice but to act .These days he acts like he’s on the side of those who want to trample on Democracy, like he’s too scared to do his job. As one of my friends pointed out this week , He must be regretting ever having taken the job in the first place, it’s no compensation for having been cheated out of his place on the Supreme Court by Moscow Mitch.

The DoJ MUST ACT NOW to prosecute all those found to be involved in this latest scam, there have been so many before this and Trump has got little more than a slap on the wrist except where the New York A.G. forced the closure of his Donald Trump Foundation charity for a shocking pattern of illegality in it’s transactions .It’s not even his first election Fraud having perpetrated the Save America PAC and was forced to refund 122 million to elderly voters in the scheme before election day, exposed in November 2020.

I suspect many of his victims would say they gladly give him the money, more fool them, but that’s why the state must act to protect the more gullible amongst us from the circling sharks.

Please do your job Mr Garland. Punish the guilty, protect the innocent.

Hugs to you all