During the 1960’s I was young and no doubt naïve and yet many of the people I came into contact with seemed to feel the same way. There was a feeling of great hope for our world and what it could become. My hopes diminished a bit as I saw new politicians voted into, place only to become the politicians they replaced. Is the system geared up to ensure meaningful change could not be possible?

I’ve often been accused of viewing the World through rose tinted glasses. I’m not going to make excuses for this since my view is nicer than most, I was very much against apartheid and gave support when I could. What a delight when Nelson Mandela came to the stage. What an exceptional man who could forgive those who imprisoned him and move on to create a great Nation while still talking of Love for his fellow man. His death is a great loss but I don’t think his dream is dead.

My Friend Jill writes a weekly piece about Good People doing Good Things which keeps my hopes alive that if we tried, we could really make the World abetter place to live in. I was upset earlier this week to read that a young man of 12 who suffers from Autism was attacked with a walking stick by an elderly lady fo some minor incident which may not even have involved him. Her excuse was that he looked about 18. He was the only one attacked, singled out by this harridan. Need I mention that he’s black? Please G*d don’t let my Country get like America. The police have said they won’t be taking action against her.

I know I’ve rabbited on about Hugs and many will be bored by it, but, they are genuinely good for you. I’m asking if some of you will help retrieve and renew my innocent view of the world and improve it a bit. If you have the opportunity to hug a stranger this week please do. Make their day and perhaps your own as well. Lets forget our political tribes and just come together as people for once. Don’t let colour be a bar, we all have arms. Do something really nice for someone, be it carry a shopping bag or donate a cup of coffee to a homeless person. Just make an effort. Hugs cost you nothing at all but can gain you something. Possibly a new friend and we can never have too many of those. Do ask first though or it’s an assault. As Michael Jackson sang ‘Make this World a better place if you can’.

Massive Hugs to you all.