Todaay we enter a new darker period in the war in Ukraine.Prior to the G7 and Nato meeting on the conflict there was a rocket attack on a suburb of Kyiv which left at least one dead and more civilians mourning. Since then there has been a rocket attack on Kremenchuk in Central Ukraine, an area well away from the front line. The attack in full daylight hit a busy shopping arcade/ This cannot have been a mistake so showing that Uncle Vlad is now condoning attacks on civilians in Crowded areas.

I have to believe that The G7 meeting may have pissed Putin off, since he is no longer invited and this is his way of showing he’s not worried by their deliberations. A bit of a short sighted view since the accusations of War Crimes won’t be easy to shake off and if he is ever turfed out of the job for life he seems to have awarded himself he could find himself in a cell in short order as the Russian people get on with conducting free and fair elections. A guilty verdict could be easier to prove than anything Teflon Trump has had to face though no less guilty.

There is movement on the Polish frontier by Ukrainians going back to their homes. This includes young children who will be at great risk if today’s activities are a sign of what is to come. These people are returning to their homes, if they still stand, with very little so donations to a Charity would be most welcome. In some instances, goods rather than money may be welcome as many will find themselves with nowhere to live. Please make sure you let your local newspapers know you don’t approve of this Russian aggression on a Sovereign country, and that you do support Ukraine and it’s people.

Hugs to all.