Yesterday June 19th was a celebration by the previously enslaved peoples of Africa over how far their case has progressed in the USA with a now paid public holiday inn recognition of their fight.I think they realise these is still a long way to go to get rid of Institutional racism, particularly amongst the police, and creating educational opportunities that rank equal to those of the white races, with matching job opportunities.

It’s my contention that those opportunities are still a long way off as long as politics has the chance to play fast and loose with the laws of the land. The Republicans do not want to lose the majority in the Senate so currently all the states where the Republicans hold sway laws are being changed to deny black people the vote. Racism is pumped into the arena by Politicians who push stories they know are untrue of Black Live Matter being responsible for creating problem at Demonstrations. Just look at the number of Republican Politicians who jumped to the aid of Racist Kyle Rittenhouse, offering him positions within the party. How quickly a racist white group declared him innocent at his trial.

The Republican majority group of very Wealthy Senators don’t want their power to be lost, and with it their source of income from the people that pay for their votes like the NRA and BIG PHARMA, so they will whip up this hatred so that no-one realises the fight is really rich v poor rather than white v black.But it is rich v poor and it includes poor whites too. Betsy De Vos still maintains that there should be a difference in education offered. The rich should go to Charter Schools and the poor to voucher schools paid for by whatever is left. There is a class of Ruling Elites and an under class to serve them. They will have to survive on whatever the minimum pay is at the time and Charity because there won’t be benefits from the State. They frown on that. ElonMusk has already shown what contempt h holds his staff in. That will be the byword of Law under the next few Governments if complacency takes hold now, Get out and make the vote count for the common people in November. Keep the Democrats in Power but make sure they know what you excpect from your vote.

Hugs to all