I cannot send my thoughts and prayers to the people of Uvalde, this term of regret has been debased so much in recent times that it’s almost worthless and is like a slap in the face to those suffering the Devastating loss this community is feeling. Two adults and 19 children who won’t be going home to their families yet again despite the warnings of previous abominations like Sandy Hook. I’m left wondering how long it will be before the Conspiracy Theorists start to say this was just another play enacted by Government actors in an attempt to thwart the Second Amendment, that Gilt Covered piece of legislation enshrined in law that gives Carte blanche to some members of the population to own more guns than they have fingers to pull triggers and to use them as they will.

That this slaughter has happened in Texas is quite telling really because Governor Greg Abbot has been instrumental in bringing in State Laws allowing the carrying of concealed weapons. Yet we’re told that 90% of gun owning Americans are in favour of some form of gun control like more thorough checks on people wanting to buy guns and the removal of guns from people convicted of Spousal abuse. An award winning Documentary shows just how many weapons were not taken away from abusers who then went on to kill. https://network.aljazeera.net/pressroom/al-jazeera-english%E2%80%99s-fault-lines-and-reveal-investigate-guns-and-domestic-violence. Very high in Florida under another Republican Governor Ron DeSantis who flies the flag for the NRA.

So, I send my sincerest regrets to these poor people, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, Aunts and Uncles who will find an empty place at their supper tables and in their hearts. I ask, not for the first time and probably not the last. When will there be a politician brave enough to step forward and say enough is enough and get down to some real work for the voters to try and legislate some safety measures to prevent this happening again? The NRA are not your friends, they are agents of the manufacturers whose only interest is PROFIT without a thought for the innocents killed by their product. With two other recent slaughters based on racist propaganda, and now this, when will it be time for people to say No More automatic weapons in the hands of the general public and the police must remove all weapons from the hands of abusers?

Hugs to all my friends and to all those committed to bringing love and peace to all our communities,