At this point I have to admit, not for the first time that I’m not a happy man with the state of the World. The war between Russia and the Sovereign state of Ukraine where the people of Russia are not being told the true picture of why there is conflict and just what is going on is allowing innocent civilians to be deliberately targeted either by the direct orders of Uncle Vlad or at least with a nod and a wink from his office. I very much doubt that anything happens that he doesn’t know about. Added to the fact that he makes vague threats about nuclear weapons being used if there is any outside interference in order to scare off any would-be supporters of the Ukrainian people and their homeland. It seems to be working to some degree even though it could well mean the destruction of much of Russia if he did play that hand, and possibly much of the free Western World as well. This is of course not the only conflict going on with millions of others dying in their homelands too.

Then we’ve had a few years of Covid to contend with. Conspiracy theories aside there’s still talk of this being a man made plague that got away from it’s creators. Some say thr Chinese are responsible and yet others blame an American facility on Chinese soil. Whatever it is , it’s left millions of dead in it’s wake. And yet to a large degree the biggest concern of many is that they’ve been inconvenienced by being asked to take vaccines and to mask themselves in public. The public outcry in some places to being asked to protect themselves and others has been unbelievable. Many politicians have jumped on the bandwagon of stirring up problems in order to increase their electability in the forthcoming mid term elections in the U.S. On that note since I’m never one to pass up a chance, let me address American politics briefly. This is a Country that clasims to be the most Democratic in the World and calls itself the leader of the Free World and yet it fails to address that many of it’s politicians are known less for Party Political loyalty as they are to loyalty to their corporate sponsors. Those that feed vast sums to re-election campaigns. Oil Barons, Coal Barons and of course arms manufacturers. All people with the closest interests of the people at heart of course. How is it that no-one seems able to legislate that politicians serve the people and their votes are not for sale to some snake oil salesman with plenty of money.This week we also have news that Twitter has agreed the sale of their platform to Elon Musk, a multi billionaire who expressed that Ex President Chump should never have been banned and that he wants to reinstate him and open the platform up to completely Free Speech. Since Free Speech in this instance means being able to say anything at all, including spreading conspiracy Theories as well as spreading hate, because Free Speech extends to those Groups most normal people would ban. KKK and Proud Boys come to mind here. In amongst all the conspiracy Theories would be the one that Chump was cheated out of the 2020 election even though he won less votes.This stirs up the crazies of the right again as they buckle down to create the most oppressive laws within their States towards revealing the truth via education, to creating oppressive voting laws, removing women’s rights and those of people who do not fit easily in boxes like Gay people and transsexuals.Possibly not the least of the things to happen would be the reversal of Legislation put in place by Joe Bidento protect the environment. Tjhis is another thing to come under duress during the last few years. Whatever the dissenters say, Global Warming is real, even where it means global cooling in some places.The world has seen some major weather changes with not a few disasters recently and much needs doing to try to bring back some degree of normailty before it’s too late. Surely it’s better to take precautions and be wrong than to be right but to do nothing? Wind farms and solar panels at least don’t hurt the environment and do provide cheaper ways of heating and lighting homes.

So all in all you might understand why I’m not a happy Chappie. I like people but not the human race as a whole. Maybe we’ve had our Turn and something else should be given a chance now? I pray that common sense soon rules again and People forget the Strong Men of the Right like Bolsinaro , Dictators don’t have a place in our World, co=operation between nations does.

Hugs to you all.