Before we start, if you are a confirmed Republican who sees no problems confronting your Country at the moment and feels that everything is as it should be with the reduction in voting rights within the states adopting them, and that the Investigation into Jan 6th is wrong, there’s no point in starting an argument with me as you won’t change my views. If you have any constructive suggestions as to how things could change to benefit the United States We want too hear them. Please include any opinions on the current status of gun control too if you have them.

1.Are the current State Changes to voting legislation fair to all? If not, what is wrong with them and how can they be changed to ensure fairness?

2.Why will Republicans not bring forward and vote for the new Bills on Voting Rights, waiting in the wings.

3. Do You agree that the actions of Jan 6th were one of the blackest days in U.S. HISTORY? iF NOT, WHY NOT?

4. Do you have an opinion as to how the rift between the Republicans and the Democrats can be healed? Are both sides actively working to make things better. How?

5. Does it matter how the rest of the world views the U.S.? Is it a fair image?

6. What should happen to those who planned and started Jan 6th and the foot soldiers who have since been arrested.?

Many people from many countries want to know if The United States intends to remain an ally to the West or whether those that praise the various dictatorships of the World will have their way. What should happen?

I’m grateful for your co-operation and hope that the friendship between our countries and between ourselves endures.

Hugs all round