Questions for Americans.

I woke at an unearthly hour again this morning. Damndawnchorus o’clock. My watch read 4.15 am. The news on mny computer tells me that Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida has declated for President at last. How can this man who spends his time banning books, deciding how women should be allowed to treat their own bodies, and worse still, enforcing a rule that no white person should be allowed to face the realities of the history of their own country. He wants to rewrite history so that no white person can be offended or shocked by what has gone before. Please someone explain to me , how can this man who is not even suitable to be a Governor declare an interest in the Presidency of the United States and have the backing of so many people, not least Elon Musk who has put the power of Twitter behind him (when it works properly)?

I shan’t even go into the Religious backing this man has, but it’s enough to say that Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender has the same backing. Do the people of ther united States really want to go down the path of Authoritarianism?What happens to your vaunted Freedom of Speech when that happens? Ask in North Korea , Hungary or Turkiye.They don’t have it in Russia either. Peopole who say oir write tthe wrong things there disappear all too easily.l

What’s wrong with having a Democracy? The Government should care for all the people, not just the rich. They should be prepared to pay tax the same as anyone else . Why noit a Health Service like your President Obama wanted. Something that cares for all from the cradle to the grave? Squeeze out the Insurance companies who’s only interest is profit and who currently can decide how much can be spent on your treatment dependant on how much you spend with them. Surely you can accept that if you need certain drugs to ensure your recovery, you should have them regardless of cost. Doctors know what you need, Insurance companies don’t.

And now my pet peeve, Guns. I swore I would not broach this subject again, but I still need answers.When the Government suggest some regulation and the people want it, why is it noit in place? Are the bribes just too great? That smacks of corruption to me and to many in the Western world ( and I don’t mean the Wild West). No-one other than an army could possibly need an AR15. You can’t hunt with them or target shoot with them. What you can do but should not do is shoot innocent schoolchildren or shoppers. Remove them from civilian hands. Unlike me, your Government is not suggesting alll guns should be taken away. They’re just trying to protect you by ensuring they don’t end up in unsuitable hands,

Lastly (you’ll be glad to hear) is a qustion about gerrymandering.lWhy is it necesssary to allow individual states to set their own district boundaries to suit themselves.Surely it should be the job of Government to safeguard the rights of the population and ensure the right to vote is upheld in a fair way?Current moves ro remove the rights of black and brown Americans by using Gerrymandering is wrong. Either all Americans should be able to vote or going down the authoritarian route, none should.Donald Trump has already had a stint as Wannabe Dictator, do you really want to give him the chance to improve on it a second time?

I’ll be grateful for any sensible answers to put my questions to rest.But, don’t let it interfere with your weekend. I hope you have b lots of good weather and please, make sure you keep the hugs going round.


Defeat and deflation

Last night I had a visit from my brother and a rare but welcome visit from my nephew Lee to collect his birthday present.As per our usual alternate Wednesday, we gamed. We played 6 games of Yahtzee which we count as one game. Dil won 3, I managed 2 and Lee just one. after Lee had gone, Dil and I started on the cards. We played Nomination Whist first and though it was a close game Dil eventually won. After that it was two gamesof Crib(bage). I think Dil oiled the wheels of his markers as he shot round the board like his bum was on fire, winning both games easily. He went home with a huge smile while I was left deflated.I taught him how to play all these games as I’m 7 years older than he is, now I can no longer hold my own with him. Is this how it ends. With a whimper rather than a bang?No longer able to hold my head high and retain my crown of previous years. I suppose I must be a good loser and take these losses on the chin.Though to be honest I’d rather go out in a blaze of glory.

Huge Hugs to you all and wishes for a good week. I hope for sunshine in your lives and lots of wins,


Oh the joy of that email appearing that says ‘You’ve won a prize, congratulations’, followed by the blow that you can’t sign in to see how much because it’s the middle of the night and they’re updating the site.

The plans to buy my daughter and family a house with a grandad annexe for me may have to wait till morning and the charities will just have to manage until I can get funds to them including the Donkey Sanctuary where my adoptee Zena lives.

All the begging letters will have to be put on hold, not that anyone ever replies to me anyway.They’ll regret that when they see how fabulously wealthy I am to be. Ha, the boot will be on the other foot then.

I’m going to book a holiday, somewhere warm would be nice.I’ve only been out of the country once and that was for weekend to Prague,a glorious place to visit but not while the snow is on the ground. I’d love to visit Cathar Country in France, their story has long fascinated me. And maybe the Cote D’azur, perhaps even a cruise or a trip to Australia and New Zealand. Stopping off in Singapore to have a suit made.Something light enough to be comfortable in whilst bird watching.

Alas it appears the only birds are the chickens I counted before they hatched and I may have to see if Zena has room for me in her stable as I just verified the win which is of £3.60. Ah well it will pay for my next latte I suppose with maybe a carrot for Zena,

Hugs to you all, I hope you have a fantastic weekend with more luck than mine.

Lightbulb Moment

The Lunatics have taken over the asylum=The Specials.

A lightbulb moment for me today, probably far behind everybody else, The United States of America is in fact One Huge Lunatic Asylum albeit where the lunatics are actually in charge. Where else could it happen that a child could be shot for ringing the wrong doorbell? His crime…..Ringing while black.Shot in the head and then when he fell to the floor shot a second time. The shooter actually shot through the door so can’t have had a clear view. While the child is rushed away for treatment the powers that be invoke their State’s ‘Stand your ground ‘laws that allow the ‘fearful’ to use deadly force under threat. The man has not even been charged with a crime and has been released from custody.

At the risk of being accused of inciting vioilence I would suggest that every black person arm themselves and be prepared to enact their own ‘Stand your ground ‘laws before this white power genocide wipes them out one by one.

What other Governing body would allow a state of affairs to continue where members of it’s Governing body is allowed to accept vast sums of money from an outfit like the NRA whose job it is to sell firearms to as many people as possible and defend their use under any and all circumstances? The state is meant to be there to defend it’s people, ALL it’s people, not cherry pick them by colour or accent.

This happened in Missouri where earlier in the week a student and teacher were shot and killed and seven others injured at a school by a young gunman with an AR15, a gun no civilian should ever be allowed to own.It’s a killing weapon not used for hunting unless you like your meat shredded. In the many instances where it has been used as a weapon of mass murder it has so thoroughly obliterated young children that identification has only been made via DNA.

How long must it be before the warders are able to exercise control over the inmates again. Before all those with regressive tendencies can be given lobotomies so they can live in a multi cultural society without resorting to killing those they deem inferior, How long before reasonable gun control measures can be put in place to protect the innocent. How long before lawmakers will accept that taking bribes is not ethical. How long also before Supreme Court Judges are held to some ethical standards and not allowed to accept millions of dollars worth of gifts from people with special interests?

Hugs to you all from Wales. Have a good week and share the Hugs please.

A Little Nachtmusic

Not being able to sleep has me back on thr computer listening to my friends on Youtube, I thoughht maybe you’d appreciate a share.Remembering I was in my teens during the 60’s iis reason enough to expect something from back then, and it’s where and when I got my love ofMotow. To be fair I loved so much of the music back then , here’s an early favourite.

Groovin- The Young Rascals

Folk music was also a big thing for me and I loved the voice of Maddy Prior. Go on enjoy it.

Maddy Prior andTim Hart- ThreeDrunken maidens

And Also from that period a nice ballad.

The Casuals- Jesamine

And More

The Four Pennies-Juliet

A change of pace at the time of THE BRITISH INVASION from Merseyside.

The Ivy League- Funny how Love can be.

I know I’ve played this one before but my excuse for a repeat is listening to one of the most superlative voices of an era. Graham Bonnet had a magnificent voice.

The Marbles- Only one woman.

Yes, it’s him again to prove my point.


i WISH YOU ALL A WONDERFUL NEW WEEK. I hope this is a peaceful week in the U.S. with mass killers taking some time off and politicians using the time to create some meaningful legislation on weapon control and on getting rid of voting restrictions. Get plenty of Hugs and please be sure to share plenty with others, you’ll both benefit from it.

Huge Hugs to you all.

Aid to the World

In the UK and no dooubt the rest of the world there is not an advert break on TV where someone is not asking for money. I know my incoome is taking a hammering not just from that but also from rising costs in virtually every sector of our lives.

But, just in case you haven’t seeen the TV in a long time and hoping you may have a little money to spare regularly I give you my best destinations for your cash to make a difference.

Smile Train….Smile Train is a nonprofit organization and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates. Headquartered in New York City and founded in 1999, Smile Train provides free corrective cleft surgery in 87 countries, training local doctors and providing hospital funding for the procedures. As so many children who suffer from this end up segregated from society in General and suffer life threatening infections on a regular basis a small donation can go a long way. I think the current ask is about $2 a month.

Water Aid. There is bound to be a water Charity in most countries, just check online.

Right now, millions of children around the world like Aynadis in Ethiopia don’t have clean water to drink, decent toilets to use or good hygiene to protect themselves. Without these basics, breaking the cycle of poverty is just a dream.

But when you help WaterAid dig a well or install a tap in a community, you’re changing the lives of children for the better. Your donation today, can help children to stay in school instead of wasting their precious childhood walking to collect water.

Together, with your help, we’ll keep working until everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

The Ukraine Crisis & Turkey Earthqquake Crisis. People have lost their homes and all their possessions as well as family members.Mooney is needed to help provide emeygency homing, food and the basics of life.

Most Countries (I hope) will have something liike this but this is the UK version. AGE.UK. A snall donation here will ensure help is available for the elderly in need…and these days they are.I wish they’d start their own dating agency and pair me up with a lady with an iincome not enough to live on her own. They say two can live as cheaply as one don’t they?

Iris, 82, has been forced to make decisions she never thought she’d have to.

She eats only one meal a day, showers just once a fortnight, and is so worried about energy costs that she never turns the heating on. 

Iris has already cut back on every expense possible. But she still can’t afford her bills. 

As the cost of living crisis deepens, so does its impact – and for older people in particular, that impact could be devastating. Lower temperatures affect circulation and make health conditions like arthritis more painful. 

“Physically, I can’t afford to be cold,” says Iris. “But financially, I can’t afford to be warm.”

No one should be forced to live this way.  

My friend says I should always end on an Awww note so allow me to introduce you to The Donkey Sanctury, Brooke.

Donkeys in Pakistan.

These gentle, trusting &loving creatures are used and abused Worldwide and Brooke are in the market to protect them and offer them sanctuary.

£4.00 A MONTH.Could provide vital vet training to give suffering donkeys the gift of health. Give sick and injured animals someone they can they can count on.

Alternativly perhaps like me you can adopt a donkey in a Sanctuary at present and keep up to date with it’s prpogress, mqube evn visit with treats.

Have a Great Week and make sure you share the Hugs.

Calmingand Relax Time.

This first song may seem a strange choice for one who dislikes religion as much as I do, but this is perfect as a choice for those who like lyrics and those who enjoy the calm.

Les Crane- Desiderata.

I’m sure you didn’t expect to get away without some Motown so I shan’t disappoint. Here’s an old favourite.

Still Waters- Four Tops.

Here’s a different one which might bring nice memories back to some of you.

Madame Butterfly- Malcolm McClaren

Slightly more up beat now, you need a long memory for this one

Double Barrel- Dave and Ansel Collins.

Another memory test that always draws me in.

Jesamine- The Casuals

Break ups are bad but we survive them all the time. Or I do anyway.

Here it coms again- The Fortunes..

One for today and all days for most of us.

Give Peace a Chance= Plastic Ono Band

Haave a fantastic week all of yoiu. Keep Hugging each other.

Hugs to you ALL.

Do let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to play for you.

Job Requirement: Walk A Mile In My Shoes

A good and thoughtfgul suggestion from a friend who sees the hhardship of life first hand.

Filosofa's Word

We humans … all of us … have built-in defense mechanisms that allow us to tune out certain things.  If you walk frequently in a city, you have likely learned to tune out the homeless person sitting against a building, hoping someone will stop and offer him a meal.  When we pick up our child at school, we rarely notice that tall kid with the holes in his shoes, or the skinny child whose clothes are two sizes too big, or the child being pushed to the bus in a wheelchair.  We become inured to things that would bother us, would disturb our vision of the world we live in, perhaps even give us a twinge of guilt for our own well-being relative to others.

Most of our politicians today are wealthy by almost any standards and have always been so.  They do not notice us … until election day. …

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A good frind of mine has a blog in which she always posts on a Wednesday a piece about good people doing good things.

This week on Tuesday I witnessed one of my own which does not reflect well on me. A man, obviously drunk got on my bus and tried to pay for a tgicket with a card that may or may not have been his own. It was declined and the bust driver tried to explain that the man would have to go and get cash and catch the next bus. The mnan tried pleading that he had to get on now as he had a hospital appointment he needed to get to but became very abusive when the wheeedling didn’t work.

Though I honestly was considering this action, before I could move ( not easy on crutches) a young man of about 16 and obviously Ukrainian got up and offered to pay for the ticket.The man thanked him and calme down. The young man got off the bus and went home. Just as well reallly as the abuse started again at the bus driver and the man went upstairs and started drinking rum from a bottle. Thew driver went upstairs and told him to get off and get rid of the bottle in the trash. He did, and then opened a fresh bottle and started drinking at the bus stop, eventually wandering off into town swearing. So much for the important appointment.

Had I been the one to have paid for the ticket I would have been furious at all the abuse and the lies about the important appointment. The bus was delayed and running late as it was so moods were not improved. Am I lacking ther milk of Human kindness?

Hugs to you all. The weekend’s nearly here again.

Mental Health

Rarely these days do I visit Facebook, but this evening I did and found a new feed on my page.

I found this rather surprising as I hadn’t realised Mental Health was anything to be ashamed of. On the other hand Mental ill Health has long been a no-no subject with many people. Me included. I’m of the generation where any form of mental instability was kept very hush-hush lest people stare and resort to name-calling. There would be much finger pointing if you emerged during daylight hours and the derision would be of sledge hammer proportions.

I’m very lucky as my childhood friend, the inner voice, has allowed me to dodge most of those bullets. Has kept me from proclaiming my particular problem and claiming it as a mark of pride. I know which of my drugs not to take so that THEY don’t have control over me so I can remain aware of their plots against me.

These days of course we’re told that mental illness is a subject that should be spoken of and not hidden in dark places. There is in fact no shame in having suffered from any condition and that you can soon be back in work with all the companions who snigger when they see you.

Be Bold, recover in the light of day and hold your head up high.Wherever you are you won’t be the only one suffering. Indeed one or more of those who snigger may well be suffering too. You will no doubt be surprised to learn just how many people do suffer a breakdown of sorts. Be kind and show some empathy towards them. Try not to mock,if you’re one of the stable few it could be your turn next.

Seriously. Mental Health problems are on the increase. Try to show some understanding because it could be your turn next.Seek help but don’t expect it in a hurry as most mental health departments have serious backlog problems. The professionals have problems of their own. If you feel violent ensure they know so they can prioritise.

Hugs and good health to you all.